Enactus UEPA

Enactus – is the most numerous students’ program in the world which includes57 000 membersfrom 39 countries and over 500 biggest companies in the world. Over 1 500 students’ teams participate in Enactus, they study principles of free entrepreneurship and create new economic possibilities for the society.Thebestteamsfromeachcountryassembleannuallyonthe EnactusWorldCup for choosingthe Enactus World’s Champion.

Working in a team directed by a teacher-tutor students of Enactus use gained in higher educational establishments knowledge for the implementation of educational programs aimed to master other principles of market economy, experience of personal success and entrepreneurship, financial literacy, principles of environmental protection and business ethics.


Enactus was established in 1975 as a regional project in Texas NationalLeadershipInstitute. Each autumn students’ teams started developing their own practical projects in the field of free entrepreneurship, and in the end of autumn they represented achieved results in local competitions.

Enactus had been developing only in the USA until 1995, in 1995 students from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan who came by exchange program took part in the project. In March 1996 the first competitions beyond the USA were held, they took place in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. The next year 20 Enactus teams took part inter-regional competitions in Almata, Kazakhstan. Meanwhile Enactus teams started appearing in Canada, Mexico and Poland.

In the end of 1990 Enactus encompassed such countries as Albania, Brazil, South Korea, Ukraine, Russia and Uzbekistan. In 2000 there was even greater growth – the program started in Australia, Belorussia, Botswana, Ghana, Malaysia, Nigeria, South Africa, Great Britain, and Philippines.

Enactus’s Mission – is to unite top-leader of nowadays and future in order to create better more stable world, using positive force of business.

Students’ teamsdirectedbyateacher-tutor are developing and implementing studies projects for any groups of population in their cities, towns or region, these projects include bases, laws and advantages of market economy and free entrepreneurship.

Population groups, methods of work, number of projects, terms and standards of each of them and also particular subject – all these aspects are determined by students themselves.

The main thing is that one should be knowledgeable in aims and tasks of the project, ways of fulfillment and results’ assessment methods. Ifaprojectrequiresmoney, oneshould  knowhowtogetit – tofindsponsorsandtoconvincethemof importance of this project or to earn money in the process of commercial activity.

Enactus team of UEPA has existed for quite a long time and until 2011 it was guided by the Enactus’s graduate Lah Inna Oleksandrivna, who holds the post of regional manager of Enactus of the Eastern region of Ukraine. Since 2012 the team has been guided by Yarmosh Olena Vitaliivna.

During the time of its existence the team has thought out and implemented over 50 project of economic, social and ecological direction, among them the most scaled were the following: The First Youth Investing Forum, Family Affair, ECO-SIFE, Hand-made and others. Each year our team takes part in all-Ukrainian competitions and wins prizes there (for example in 2008-2010 years – the second place).

Enactus teamof UEPA includes more than 25 students from different faculties of the Academy, but the bone of the team is composed by the students from the faculty of economic, managerial and educational programs.Besidesitshouldbementionedthatthisparticularfaculty (earlieritwassocial-economicfaculty) createdthisteammorethan 5 yearsago.

The activity of Enactus team of UEPA is based on the universally recognized principles of free entrepreneurship, the team creates and improves economic possibilities of the population.

Enactus team of UEPA is very grateful to thegoverning body of the Academy for the support, especially to the Rector, prof. Kovalenko O.E. and dean of the faculty of economic, managerial and educational programs, associate prof. Husarov O.O. Also the team is grateful to Kharkov Club of Entrepreneurs, Kharkov Trading-Industrial Chamber, Regional Fund of Entrepreneurship Support and other organizations and individuals that support its activity. Also nowadays Enactus team of UEPA cooperates with generally-recognized world’s companies Phillip Morris Ukraine and PZU.

Enactus helps students to change the world for better already today and to realize their own potential for their further development as futur ebusiness-leaders. Assistingothersstudents develop their own business and leader’s skills, widening boarders of their positive influence on the world around.

Enactus creates platform for getting the experience that changes lives of many people and provides new generation of young talents with necessary knowledge and skills for building of successful companies, strong society and the world with wider possibilities for everyone.