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Behavior rules on the territory of the Academy

Having become the student of the academy, one should observe certain rules on its territory and in the classrooms, by the way these rules don't contradict the general norms and behavior rules. Their observance is success and mutual understanding guarantee!

Generally accepted rules of the academy

• Come to academy properly dressed – for your clothes to show that you are students who came to study.

• Show respect and politeness to people around.

• At the entrance to a classroom men should take off hats.

• Have no habit to sit on the floor in corridors, on window sills and on ladders. If it is necessary to sit down and work, go to the reading room, it is much more convenient there.

• Address teachers and the staff of academy by name and middle name.

• Come for classes in time. If after all you were late, silently open audience door, greet the teacher, apologize and ask for permission to enter. Ifobtainedpermit, takefreeseatsilentlyandquickly.

• If necessary to enter a room or to leave it during official action, a concert, it is necessary to do it between performances, without attracting attention.

• In lecture-halls and corridors during the breaks don't speak loudly on the phone.

• Try not to talk loudly, don't rustle in lecture-halls and corridors during classes and breaks.

• Use only controlled vocabulary.

Keep the academy clean, don't spoil the equipment, tables, walls by inscriptions and drawings. In the academy you have possibility to find more useful and productive way of self-expression – training, scientific work, circles of amateur performances, sports sections.

In the academy it is forbidden

• To enter the academy without the student ID card.

• To use mobile phone during classes.

• To take out and move property from lecture-halls without the academy administration’ permission.

• To smoke in the buildings and on the academy territories, except for specially taken for this place. Observance of this rule is strictly supervised, disciplinary punishments are applied to violators, up to expel from the academy.

• To come to the academy in a state of intoxication, to drink alcohol drinks (including low alcohol).

• To use drugs.

Abstract from Rules of the internal labor schedule

Students who study in theacademy, HAVE THE RIGHT to:

- safe and harmless conditions of training, work and life;

- using educational, scientific, production, cultural, sports, household, health-improving base of a higher educational establishement;

- participation in research, development works, conferences, symposiums, exhibitions, competitions, representation of the works for publications;

- participation in discussion and solution of questions of improvement of teaching and educational process, research work, purpose of grants, organizations of leisure, life, health-improvement;

- submission of offers concerning conditions and  payment for training;

- participation in associations of citizens;

- participation in formation of the individual curriculum;

- moral and (or) material encouragement for successes in study and active participation in research work;

- protection against any forms of exploitation, physical and psychological abuse;

- free usageof libraries, information funds, services of educational, scientific, medical and other divisions of a higher educational establishment;

- vacation holiday lasting not less than what eight calendar weeks;

- students of theacademy who study atfull-time department, have the right to the deadhead in transport, and also to a hostel, in the orders established by the Cabinet Council of Ukraine/

Students who study in academy, are OBLIGED:

- to keep within the Laws, the Charter and Academy regulations;

- to fulfill the schedule of educational process and the curriculum requirements.

Acording to the Regulation about the organization of educational process in the academy, approved by the Academic Council of academy of 19.12.2003 (the protocol No. 6, point 7.3.), attendance of all types of studies (except consultations) is obligatory for students of theacademy of all courses of full-time department. Students’ absence from the classes without valid excuse is violation of academic subject and Regulations.

Due to the strengthening of access control in theacademy and according to the order N. 40 from 15.02.2010 all students of theacademy who enter its territory, should show student ID cards to the assistant.

Rights and duties of students living in a hostel

1. A student who settles down in a hostel, is obliged to show the passport and to hand over the warrant (direction) on the right to take a place in a hostel with advance payment for a year of residence to the commandant.

2. A student who settles down in a hostel, is showed his (her) living place, is given the necessary stock, a linen set, entrance permitto a hostel.

The student should get acquainted with Regulations of a hostel and Safety regulations giving signature.

3. Documents on registration of students who settle down in a hostel are provided by the hostel administration in accordance with the established procedure.

4.In case of unforeseen circumstances and for good reasons students who live in a hostel can be resettledto another room or  hostel according to the decision of administration of a hostel without deterioration of living conditions.

5. The entrance to a hostel is authorized freely on the basis of entrance permit for students of this hostel till 23.00 o'clock, and from 23.00 till 06.00 on special permissions and a log entry.

6. Visitors have the right to stay in a hostel from 08.00 till 20.30. Entering a hostel the visitor shows to the assistant the document which proves the identity, and is registered in the book of visitors. A student who lives in a hostel, is obliged to meet the visitorpersonally, to leave the entrance permit to the assistant of a hostel and to accompany the visitor when he (she) leaves the hostel. Students living in the hostel who invite guests are responsible for timely leaving of the visitors, observance of regulations and safety measures by the visitors, compensation of property losscaused by the guests.

7. In each section (room, on each floor) among students who live there, the head is chosen, he (she) is affirmed by the students’ council of the hostel. The head of a room (section, a floor) in the activity is guided by decisions of students’ council of a hostel and academy administration, he (she) ensures active participation of the students in repairing (cleaning) of living rooms and accomplishment works on the territory.

Each student (except members of students’ council and students graduates) is obliged to work 10 days during academic year on the hostel and the adjacent territory accomplishment.

8. All students who live in a hostel, are involved in economic works on self-service (order and cleanness maintenance in the places of residence and utilities, etc.).

9. A student who lives in a hostel, has the right:

- to take a constant place in a living room in a hostel;

- to use rooms of educational, cultural, community and sports purpose, left-luggage offices, the equipment, stock and hostel property according to the established order;

- to choose bodies of students’ self-government of a hostel and to be chosen in their membership;

- through bodies of students’ self-government of a hostel to take part in the solution of the questions connected with improvement of domestic conditions, the organization of cultural and educational work and leisure, work of employees of a hostel, etc.;

- to address the complaints about work of employees of a hostel and domestic conditions which don't correspond to regulations’ requirements about a student's hostel.

10. A student who lives in a hostel, is obliged:

- to know and carry out regulations;

- to carry out decisions and orders of administration and students’ council of a hostel;

- to pay for accommodation and additional paid services which he (she) uses in time;

- to keep clean and neat rooms and utilities, to take part in all types of the works connected with self-government;

- to carry out general cleaning of the fixed rooms of a hostel every month;

- to treat carefully hostel’s property, economically consume heat, electricity, gas and water;

- to give key duplicator from a room to the commandant of a hostel, and in case of lock replacement in the doorway – to hand him over the corresponding key duplicator;

- to submit applications for repairing of the electric, sanitary equipment and furniture in time;

- to inform the commandant of a hostel and bodies of student's self-government about all extreme events in a hostel urgently;

- on request of the commandant (at his absence – the tutor) and students’ council of a hostel to take part in urgent and current economic works;

- to compensate the caused loss of property in correspondence with legislation;

- to observe safety regulations and fire safety;

- to register additional electrical devices with the commandant of a hostel;

- to warn the commandant of a hostel when leaving a hostel for a long time (more than 5 days) having reported the address;

- after graduation or at early deprivation of the right to accommodation in a hostel to hand over used property and a room in proper condition; one should move from a hostel in five-day term and discharge from a hostel during two weeks.

11. A student who lives in a hostel is forbidden:

- to move from one room into another without coordination with the commandant of a hostel;

- to alter or transfer stock and furniture from one room to another or to take out them from a hostel without the permission of the commandant of a hostel;

- to carry out electric installation work in rooms and in a hostel, to alter and repair electric equipment;

- encumber balconies, corridors, staircases, fire and emergency exits with household goods;

- to throw into a refuse chute average and large-sized things, stubs, matches, to pour out liquid substances;

- to use electric heaters and electric stoves in living rooms;

- to hold mass events in a hostel without the written permission of the commandant of a hostel;

- to leave extraneous persons after 22.30;

- to smoke, use and save up alcohol drinks, narcotic or toxic substances, to stay in a hostel in a condition of alcoholic, toxic or narcotic intoxication;

- to break silence from 22.00 till 07.00;

- to create noise, and also to turn on television, computer and audio equipment on the volume exceeding sound proofing of a room;

- to keep animals in a hostel.

12. For violation of the rules of the internal schedule in a hostel students who live in a hostel will be imposed such penalties:

- remark;

- strict reprimand;

- refusal in the settlement to a hostel for the next academic year;

- agreement cancellation on accommodation, eviction.

Parents (guardians) of student violator are informed about all imposed penalties by the letter with the signature of the dean (pro-rector, rector).

13. Encouragements or penalties from administration of a higher educational establishment are set to students who live in a hostel in accordance with the established procedure.

14. Payment for housing and the rendered services is carried out for 1 year, but not less, than for 1 month in advance.