International projects

International projects of the Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy

1. Project IAEA

«Numerical simulation of the radiation processes in the industrial gamma-systems and electron accelerators», No. 18685 / RO

Purpose: development of the software based on the Monte Carlo methods for the numerical calculation of the technological parameters for the processing of the cultural heritage items.

2. Program «Open Arms program» 2018

5 grants were received for the participation in the International Congress for the Mathematicians ICM-2018 International Congress of Mathematicians.

3. Project SCI (Service Civil International) 2017-2018

Purpose: studying the fundamental aspects of the team building and innovative methods of teaching piece in working teams, mastering the skills of working with international volunteers, the proper organization of their work and leisure, effective conflict resolution, consideration of the organizational and technical aspects of volunteers.

4. International Fund UNICEF, the project «Development through Culture» 2017

The goal: to encourage children to get educational and socially useful activities by involving them in the street theater.

5. Project Erasmus+, project «Open borders for diversity» 2017

Purpose: training in opposition to the manifestations of discrimination and the possibility of avoiding of the conflict situations.

6. Program Erasmus+, project BASCIS from Erasmus Mundus 2014-2015

Purpose: carrying out of the scientific researches, quantitative assessment of the processes in the quality management system, as well as studying the experience of the scientists of the Department of Economics and Management of the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University.

7. Project TEMPUS 2002-2004

«Expansion of the modern pedagogical technologies of the engineering education in Russian and Ukrainian universities», NP-22265-2001