UEPA invites the scientific and pedagogical community to participate in the VI International Scientific and Practical Forum «FORUM SOIS, 2024»


We invite scientists, research and teaching staff, higher education students who carry out scientific, educational and training activities in the field of social and psychological and pedagogical sciences to take part in the sixth International Scientific and Practical WEB-Forum «The Development of the Unified Open Information Space in Lifelong Education» which will be held on 26-29 March.

The Forum will be held on the basis of the Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy (Kharkiv) and the V. Sukhomlynskyi State Scientific and Educational Library of Ukraine, NAES of Ukraine (Kyiv) 

Forum directions:

- Transdisciplinary paradigm of digital transformation of society: management of changes and quality of scientific and educational processes.

- Psychological foundations for the development of a unified open information space for lifelong education.

- Digital education strategies: tools, methods, technologies, systems.

- Adult education in the context of the dynamic development of the information society.

- University education: current trends.

- Modern approaches of scientific information centres and libraries in providing systematic educational analytics and social communications.

- STEM education: experience, realities, strategies.

The Forum is planned to be held online using the platform ZOOM.

Application for participation in the WEB-forum

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