A working visit of the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Head of Kharkiv Regional Military Administration to UEPA took place


On January 11, 2023, the Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy was visited by high-level delegations of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, headed by Minister Serhii Shkarlet, and the head of Kharkiv Regional Military Administration, Oleg Sinegubov.

During the visit, the distinguished guests met with the management, representatives of the administration, teaching staff and students of the Academy. Professor Denys Kovalenko presented the Academy, its achievements and success in the field of teachers’ training for the professional education system of Ukraine and engineering training for Kharkiv industry and businesses. An important part of the report was devoted to the peculiarities of functioning of the UEPA during the war.

The participants of the meeting had the opportunity to talk to the guests, ask their questions, discuss the development plan of the educational institution and, of course, get thorough answers.

In particular, the head of the Kharkiv RMA, Oleg Sinegubov, noted: «Thank you for fulfilling the main task in the conditions of war – retaining the team and recruiting students. The future of our country is now in your hands. Therefore, you should become a locomotive of the boldest ideas. We have to use all the potential, not 100%, but 200%».

The Minister Serhiy Shkarlet thanked the Academy staff for their conscientious work in shaping high-quality personnel for professional education in the region and Ukraine as a whole and called for closer cooperation with the Regional Military Administration to help ensure victory and post-war recovery of Kharkiv Oblast.

The honourable guests were presented to the activities of the Center of Pedagogical and Managerial Excellence for Vocational (Vocational and Technical) Education in Ukraine, which had been opened and equipped at UEPA as part of the implementation of the Erasmus + PAGOSTE project «New management mechanisms based on partnership and standardization of the training of vocational education teachers in Ukraine».

The guests also visited modern laboratories of the Academy: extraction, processing and transportation of oil; energy supply and energy efficiency; construction of electrical networks; electric drive and robotic complexes; automation of technical processes; digital devices of radio electronics and computer systems.

The demonstrated CNC laser engraving machines, 3D-printers, multifunctional constructors, etc. aroused certain interest. The meeting inspired outlining new perspectives and the development of a concept regarding the place and participation of UEPA in the reconstruction and innovative development of Ukraine on the way to its European integration.